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Two Companies Join Forces
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In a strategic move that is set to reshape the landscape of e-commerce, has successfully acquired ReThink Design for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition signals a step towards making complex customer conversion and lifecycle strategies more accessible and affordable for small and medium sized e-commerce businesses., renowned for its innovative AOV (average order value) increasing SaaS tool, joins forces with ReThink Design, bringing together their expertise in e-commerce enhancement and advanced conversion optimization techniques. By preserving the ReThink Design brand assets and processes, a newly formed entity is committed to simplifying the customer journey for digital commerce.

“Through this acquisition, Bagify and ReThink Design are collectively creating a better experience, better product, and better ROI for our customers. Ultimately, many of these services, most of which are exclusively for enterprise companies, will now be available to SMBs as well. Bagify and ReThink Design are providing an opportunity that the small and medium sized business market has never seen before,” Jordan Calderon, Co-CEO/Founder of ReThink Design, said.

The strategic alignment aims to bridge the gap between intricate digital tactics and practical application, promising to transform the way ecommerce businesses approach the online buyer journey. Together, and ReThink Design will provide buyer-centric, simplified, yet powerful solutions, fostering increased AOV and conversion rates.

“Our combined expertise demystifies digital strategies, making advanced e-commerce tools achievable for everyone,” Rah-Miel Mitchell, Principal CEO of, said.

As acquires ReThink Design, the transition is made smoother with ReThink Design playing a behind-the-scenes role. ReThink Design's established brand assets, IP, and processes directly integrate into’s SaaS offering allowing the combined entity to leverage the strengths of both companies seamlessly. This direct integration reflects ReThink Design's strategic alignment with's goal of making complex digital commerce strategies more accessible.

“The team will be working with ReThink Design’s new management to elevate the service quality of ReThink Design to new heights, ensuring not only the maintenance of our firm’s standards, but also their enhancement, to continue delivering exceptional value to our clientele.” Andres Gonzalez, Co-CEO/Founder of ReThink Design, said.

The acquisition of ReThink Design by marks a significant milestone in the evolution of accessible digital strategies for e-commerce. As ReThink Design supports the transition, the acquisition becomes integral in shaping’s collaborative vision of simplifying the complex.

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About is a professional app development company specializing in creating AOV, average order value, increasing Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce apps. The Bagify app increases the revenue and profits of existing online storefront by cross selling, upselling, and incentivizing customers to purchase more products or products that increase the bottom-line. For more information on, please visit their website.

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