Increase AOV, Revenue and Profit
With Bagify App

Use customizable cross-selling and upselling drawers and goal-oriented progress bars to keep your customer's attention on the cart and increase your Shopify store's average order value (AOV). The Bagify app makes it easy and works with BigCommerce and WooCommerce too!

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Engaging, Feature-Packed
Cross Sell/Upsell Drawers & Progress Bars

Cross Selling & Upselling Increases Order Values

Choose discounts (a percent or fixed dollar amount) on products you choose to show your customers when they add specific items to their cart. Cross sell by offering them a deal on popular accessories, add-ons, or related products. Upsell them by discounting a more expensive version of the item they added. Then watch your order values skyrocket!

Progress Bars Get More Items In Their Carts

Set goals and show customers their progress on reaching them as they add items to their cart. Our progress bars feature four types of offers: Free Shipping, Whole Cart Discount, Product Discount, and Surprise Gift. Combine multiple progress bars and offers, set each offer to unlock at a higher goal, and incentivize your customers to add more items to their cart!

All The Settings You Need To Make A Splash

We designed Bagify with Shopify store owners in mind. We created a Shopify app that's easy to set up and configure so your business can start reaping the benefits right away, with no experience needed. Customize every detail of the look and feel of your discount drawers and progress bars to make Bagify part of your store, not an add-on to it.

Launch Your Shopify Business To The Moon!

You've done all the hard work. Shed blood, sweat, and tears so you could get your Shopify store up and running. And every day is an uphill battle to win customers and make money. We know. It's hard work. We built Bagify so you can take what you've already created and make it work harder for you. We believe it will provide exponential growth for your business. Imagine the possibilities when you have the ability at your fingertips to display suggested discounted products to people who have already converted.

You're missing the boat if you're not taking advantage of cross-selling and upselling using a drawers and progress bar app. And if you are using one already, check out ours. It's incredible!

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Drive More Revenue With
These Awesome Progress Bar Offers

Free Shipping

Customers receive free shipping on their entire order if they reach the goal you set for the cart.

Whole Cart Discount

Customers who hit the number you set for this offer get a discount (% or $) on their entire cart.

Product Discounts

Customers get a discount (% or $) on a specific item when they meet the mark you establish here.

Surprise Gift

Customers love this one! Be creative and win your customers' hearts (and wallets) by including a special SURPRISE gift in their shipment.

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Choose a Plan

We offer affordable monthly plans for our cross sell/upsell drawers and progress bars to fit every need and budget. Choose the plan that’s right for you and start increasing your revenue and profits today!


$0.00 Monthly

  • 5 Orders

  • 10 Cross-sells/Upsells Offers

  • 1 Free Shipping Progress Offer

  • 1 Gift/Surprise Progress Offer

  • 1 Discount on Cart Progress Offer

  • 1 Products Progress Offer


$5.00 Monthly

  • 50 Orders

  • 60 Cross-sells/Upsells Offers

  • 15 Free Shipping Progress Offer

  • 15 Gift/Surprise Progress Offer

  • 15 Discount on Cart Progress Offer

  • 15 Products Progress Offer


$12.00 Monthly

  • Unlimited Orders

  • Unlimited Cross-sells/Upsells Offers

  • Unlimited Free Shipping Progress Offer

  • Unlimited Gift/Surprise Progress Offer

  • Unlimited Discount on Cart Progress Offer

  • Unlimited Products Progress Offer

All prices are in USD